Sun Aug 14, 2022

Bill Thompson

  • Opinion: What did you say?

    As a speaker and a writer, I deal with words every day. Some folks have told me I use words they don’t understand. I try...

  • Column: Productivity is overrated

    Like most people, when I retired, I thought the pace of my life would slow down. That didn’t happen. I never had a nine-to-five job...

  • My Columbus: Everybody needs a champion

    I have been singing in some kind of choir since I was ten years old. Choirs have been a source of encouragement and disappointment. It...

  • Column: An affair to remember

    I don’t usually use this column as a confessional, but today I’m going to. I want to confess to an affair. Like any affair at...

  • My Columbus: Some summer reading

    Yesterday afternoon I sat under the canopy of the crape myrtle tree in my backyard and wondered — again — if it had been this...


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