McDonald’s Columbus County Athletic Spotlight featuring Paxton Stewart & Annela Tiffany

The stock market was seized by the bears
With a volatile level that scares.
But the bulls have bounced back
From the market attack
And they’ve lessened those stock crash nightmares.

Winter colds are a common disease.
When you hear a cough or a sneeze
There are masks you can wear
To screen out the bad air
But best dodge those who sniffle and wheeze.

A warm breeze shows the coming of spring
Along with flowers and birds on the wing.
All the grass becomes green
And the road crews are seen
Fixing potholes the winter did bring.

Amazon has created “Go” stores
That have zero check-out at their doors.
The new store takes a snap
Of the shopper’s phone ap
Further cashiers the shopper ignores.

Congressmen pledge in their campaign mode.
Once elected their output is slowed.
They all play politics.
They’re in Congress for kicks,
Including all those cans down the road.

There’s a race for the driver-less car.
A car-bot on our streets seems bizarre.
I may swallow my pride,
And attempt a short ride,
If the car has a sturdy crash bar.

McDonald’s Columbus County Academic Spotlight featuring Chloe Pate & Luke Dove

After the stock market bubble had burst,
John’s investment return was reversed.
To choose where to park it –
The mattress or market
He’s decided to sleep on it first.

Hawaii had a nuclear scare.
A techie pushed the wrong button there.
It was a false alarm,
Though the drill did no harm,
It showed the islanders’ need to prepare.