Thu Aug 18, 2022

Frank Thought (Just one)

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Frankly, I do not know why this bothers me. However, it does. From my experience, a large number of east-bound vehicles turn left off Washington into Memory Plaza. Since Washington is a well-traveled street, quite often a queue forms behind the auto that is waiting to turn.

How many lanes do you see going toward the old courthouse? This photo was taken ONLY to show the number of lanes. The Premiere Living van in the picture DID NOT pass on the right. I understand and regret any confusion this has caused.

Since there is not a MARKED second lane heading east on the street, I wait behind the vehicle waiting to turn. I believe I am in the minority. Just yesterday, I was first in line behind the car waiting to turn left. Luckily for me, the vehicle did not have to wait long to turn into the Plaza lot. I started to continue toward the courthouse. I looked to my right and saw that a car was moving beside me. The car parked to the right in the photo was parked there at that time as well, so the car to my right had no choice except to stop and wait for an opening to get back in line.

I am surprised that collisions don’t occur here daily. Is it one lane, with parking allowed on the right or can you pass on the right, if there is room? A middle “turn” lane should be established to allow autos to pass turning vehicles in a marked lane. Of course this would do away with parking on this stretch of Washington.

I do not know what the actual law about passing on the right with room, but no marked lane. Seems like a little paint could clear up any confusion. Since this is Washington Street, we could give the turn lane its own moniker. How about George Washington’s MIDDLE name?


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