Deputies conduct raids; WPD officer’s wife among them

Columbus County deputies arrested 21 suspects in a Roundup Tuesday targeting men and women with open warrants.
More than 80 outstanding warrants on a variety of charges were served in the countywide effort. Several of the charges are first violent felonies.
A police officer’s wife was among those caught in roundup.
A Whiteville Police corporal resigned Tuesday for personal reasons after his wife was arrested on felony drug charges.
Kari Lynn Pate, 25, was arrested as part of a countywide roundup of outstanding warrants and drug charges. She was charged with three felony counts of maintaining a vehicle or place for drug purposes; four felony counts each of conspiracy to traffic in opiates and trafficking in opiates; one count each of possession with intent to manufacture, sell and deliver cocaine and opiates. She was held under $26,000 secured bond.
Pate is married to Cpl. Andy Pate of the Whiteville Police. Cpl. Pate resigned Tuesday for “personal reasons,” according to city spokesman Hal Lowder.
Mrs. Pate was one of 21 suspects arrested in raids that began in the pre-dawn hours Tuesday, targeting defendants with outstanding warrants as well as drug suspects.