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A Father’s Day letter: ‘Tips from the Back of the Boat’

The following is written by Trent Brown, a West Columbus grad who is currently a student at UNC. Brown wrote this homage for his father Wayne for Father’s Day
Dear Kid,
As you probably know, because your mother reminded you, it’s Father’s Day today. To you, this one Sunday out of the year may not mean anything more than any other Sunday that you’ve ever woken up to, but I want to remind you that it is a lot more special than you think.
You see, those of us that woke up this morning with a father figure in our lives are a really lucky bunch. The joy of having a dad (although I know it’s not always fun) can only be described as lucky and incredible. So for this Father’s Day, I wanted to give some tips to you who may have to endure a fishing trip this weekend with your dad.
Tips from the Back of the Boat
Tip #1: You’re probably never going to be in the best position to catch a fish. I can guarantee it. But instead of complaining, try to make yourself better at casting your line. Your dad earned his spot at the front of the boat.
Tip #2: Watch out for spiders, wasps, bees, hornets, ticks, snakes, and the rare alligator. The truth is, you’re going to be put in the trees at least 3 times on every fishing trip. Don’t get mad at your dad for it, I can promise he’s doing the best that he can with that aggravating trolling motor.
Tip #3: If your dad pulls out a fish, throw your line in the exact same place that he pulled his out from. Most of the time you won’t be so lucky, but every once in a while you’ll hit a bed a fish and then the real fun begins.
Tip #4: If you somehow catch more fish than your dad that day, be sure to rub it in his face. I mean, you don’t get these opportunities very often, so why not?
Tip #5: The Golden Rule. Have fun. Your dad isn’t dragging you out of bed at 4:30 in the morning to torture you. He’s taking you because he wants to enjoy some bonding time with his kid and hopefully get to know you better. Cherish it.
Loving your dad isn’t always going to be easy. I can remember plenty of times where I wasn’t happy with mine. But the memories that I remember best aren’t the angry ones. They’re times like when a fish got off of my line, my dad yelled to throw it back in, and the huge fish jumped back on the hook before the cork could hit the water again. Or when I woke up one Christmas morning to a hand-built basketball goal, Carolina blue backboard with an official NBA rim on it. Or even when he somehow beat me at HORSE on that goal for the 100th time in a row.
Enjoy the memories, because you won’t be a kid for long.
A fellow kid

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