Hallsboro woman jailed for bribing juror

A Hallsboro woman was arrested Wednesday after allegedly trying to influence a juror.

Kelly Marie Hinnant, 22, of 2046 Hallsboro Road, was arrested at the courthouse Aug. 30. She is being held under $20,000 secured bond, charged with harassing a juror and obstruction of justice.

Hinnant is alleged to have approached a juror and placed money into that juror’s pocket. The juror reported the incident, and Hinnant was arrested according to the sheriff’s office.

Hinnant was attending the trial of Joseph Vereen, a family member, who is charged with narcotics violations. Vereen reportedly lived with Hinnant’s family for a period, and reportedly stole some items from the residence.

The jury is deliberating the Vereen case today.