Lake Police Chief saves icebound pooch

A female hunting hound was rescued from the melting ice of Lake Waccamaw Tuesday.

Chief Scott Hyatt said Lynn Hinnant flagged down Officer Jeff Marlowe shortly before noon when Hinnant spotted a skinny hound wandering on the ice near Pecan Lane. Marlowe contacted Hyatt, who retrieved a set of chest waders and met Hinnant, Marlowe and the hound at Columbia.

“We were trying to get her to come in to the pier,” Hyatt said, “but she kept running toward where the ice was far too thin.”

The dog finally broke through the thin ice, and Hyatt immediately waded into the frigid lake to retrieve the errant hound.

The dog was safely rescued and now has a new home, Hyatt said. See tomorrow’s NR for more on this story.