Lockdown in place during drug search


Whiteville High School students went under lockdown Friday morning as law enforcement officers descended on the campus checking for drugs.

Sgt. Aaron Herring of the Whiteville Police said the coordinated effort came about due to complaints by parents, teachers and students.

“We have had several reports of drugs on campus in recent weeks,” he said. Some students have been arrested in the school parking lot smoking marijuana, according to police reports.

Whiteville Police, Columbus County deputies, and N.C. Alcohol Law Enforcement personnel participated in the search, which included two drug-sniffing dogs. Herring said around five grams of marijuana were recovered.

Officers were specifically looking for marijuana and the painkiller fentanyl. Special precautions were in place, Herring said, due to the virulent nature of the narcotic. EMS crews were standing by to treat any officers or students who were exposed to the drug.

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