Unconscious man wakes up to drug charges

A Tabor City man was charged with multiple drug violations after police found his slumped over the steering wheel of his truck, blocking a driveway.

Captain Gregory Sibbet of the Tabor City Police Department reported that a passerby on Jones Street stopped him and reported another man who appeared unresponsive in a pickup truck at 109 W. Third Street. Sibbett found the vehicle, with the left turn signal blinking, and approached the vehicle.

Inside he saw Steven Cameron Fonvielle, 38, leaning over the steering wheel. When the officer knocked on the window, Fonvielle began reaching for the floorboard, according to Sibbett’s report. Sibbett opened the door, and told Fonvielle to stop.

Sibbett said Finvielle refused to tell Sibbett what was on the floor, and appeared lethargic while being questioned. There was also blood on his arms, Sibbett noted.

While Sibbett was checking Fonvielle for weapons, the report said, the suspect became jittery and attempted to pull away. Sibbett reported that he and Lt. Robert Mumblow found 34 packets of “a white powdery substance,” $1,840 in cash, and multiple syringes in Fonvielle’s pockets.

Sibbett noted that there was additional blood in the vehicle. The powder tested field positive for fentanyl, Sibbett reported.

Fonvielle was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, driving while impaired, possession with intent to manufacture, sell and deliver narcotics, maintaining a vehicle for drugs, and other felony charges. He was held under a secure bond.