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Patients travel to Columbus Regional from across the country to relieve foot pain

HyProCure implant can relieve a host of symptoms caused by misaligned feet

HyProCure implant can relieve a host of symptoms caused by misaligned feet

A minimally invasive, outpatient procedure called Extra-Osseous Talo-Tarsal Stabilization (EOTTS) by HyProCure® provides relief for children and adults suffering from pain caused by misaligned feet. The procedure has been performed tens of thousands of times in adults and pediatric patients,” said Don Peacock, DPM – and the technique has been vastly improved by HyProCure which is a Type II version.

What’s made Columbus County a destination for people who want the procedure is that Dr. Peacock, a national innovator in minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery, has pioneered combination surgeries that combine the HyProCure procedure with minimally invasive procedures – tendon rebalancing, for instance. These techniques allow the patient to spend less time in the OR and in recovery. “It’s just one surgery and one recovery,” he said. “And you can walk the day of the procedure.”

Dr. Peacock is on the medical staff and has surgical privileges at the hospital.

“I’ve just taken what I’ve learned about several procedures and combined them,” said Peacock. “The HyProCure procedure is by itself innovative and combining it with minimally invasive techniques that treat foot deformities and pain appeals to patients.”

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HyProCure is intended for patients – children and adults – with misaligned feet. The condition may not seem severe, but it can lead to almost constant pain in the back, hip, knee and heel. HyProCure is also used to treat children with flat feet, a condition that can cause foot deformities such as bunions and hammertoe later in life.

HyProCure implant can relieve a host of symptoms caused by misaligned feet

A number of symptoms – such as heel pain (plantar fasciitis), hip pain, knee pain, hammertoe and more – can indicate misaligned feet.

The condition usually is congenital. For others, it develops over time. In those cases, overpronation is the main cause. Overpronation happens when the inward motion of the foot and ankle isn’t performing properly. People who overpronate can see their ankles roll inward when they walk.

A misaligned foot (or feet) almost always causes pain – although the pain may not necessarily present in the foot. Pain may be in the knee, hip or leg. The condition can be treated with HyProCure even before it causes pain. Doctors typically recommend treating it soon after the condition has been diagnosed.

“Patients who have the HyProCure procedure often see side benefits,” Peacock said. “Their feet stop hurting, but they can get relief from knee and back pain, too.”

And there’s no drilling or screwing involved. The surgeon makes a small incision in the skin above the outside of the foot and slides the HyProCure stent into the natural space inside the foot. Threads on the stent allow for the scar tissue to form around the grooves and lock the device in place during the healing process, which typically takes three to six weeks.

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