Roundball postponements and rescheduling

For the second consecutive year, inclement weather has wreaked havoc with Three Rivers Conference basketball playing dates. Adding to the mix is semester exams that vary from one school system to another. Any momentum a team may have developed from successful holiday tournament play and victories on January 2 has probably dissipated. It will be interesting to see which teams can hit the court “running” when games resume, since practices also aren’t allowed when school is cancelled.

January 3 games and rescheduled dates:

  • Fairmont at East Columbus, January 15. ECHS game at WRH is canceled.
  • West Columbus at Red Springs, February 7
  • St. Pauls at Whiteville, January 24
  • South Columbus at West Bladen, January 9
  • East Bladen at South Robeson, January 31

January 5 games and rescheduled dates:

  • West Columbus at East Columbus, January 10
  • Whiteville at South Columbus , January 11
  • East Bladen at West Bladen, January 15
  • Red Springs at St. Pauls, January 9
  • South Robeson at Fairmont, January 8