Volleyball status quo, Vikings surprise Pack in Tennis

There were no surprises in TRC Volleyball play Tuesday. The biggest surprise of the day came in Girls Tennis as West Columbus took the final two points to defeat Whiteville 5-4 in the completion of an earlier match.  Whiteville led 4-3, August 15, when play was suspended due to weather. Whiteville did bounce back to win the regularly scheduled match 5-3. Number three doubles was not played due to the lateness of the match and Whiteville had already had clinched with five wins.

East Columbus garnered two victories in Girls Tennis. The Gators finished off a 6-3 victory that began on August 15 before taking an 8-1 win in the scheduled match.

South Robeson at South Columbus Girls Tennis was postponed to today (Wednesday) due to wet courts.



The top four TRC Volleyball teams all won in straight sets. South Columbus and Whiteville, both 7-0,  continue to head to a showdown next Tuesday in Vinegar Hill. South Columbus swept South Robeson, while Whiteville swept West Columbus.

East Columbus tuned up for a third-place showdown with Fairmont by defeating East Bladen. Fairmont dropped Red Springs.